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    Our comprehensive and contemporary Quality Management System strives to be in full compliance with FDA, ISO 9001, QFS, GMP, HACCP, & OHSA requirements to ensure the on-time delivery of reliable packaging components.

    At Rez-Tech Corp., we exploit the best of QMS,  ISO, QFS (Quality Food Safety), LEAN, SIGMA protocols to continuously design, update and purchase custom injection and custom blow molder machinery to maintain our competitive edge in PET, PP, PVC and Engineering Plastics materials.  Proprietary technology; with exclusive output, gives us the confidence to help you capitalize on your sustainability efforts in wide mouth PET packaging.  

    Rez-Tech owns and operates extrusion blow shuttle molding machines designed in conjunction with Davis Standard.  Our advantages to this technology include improved efficiencies through reduced changeover times, speed to market shelf and the ability of “Handleware”.  These advantages make us a stand out in the Vinyl (PVC) and PETG jar and bottle markets of North America.

    Rez-Tech’s Technical Services developed cross functionality in our quality management system then initiates and monitors the Process Improvement (QMS, ISO, LEAN, ISO, SQF, HACCP) functions for the company.



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