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It can be hard to find the right kind of pricing for your budget, especially in Today’s New Economy. The financial experts may say that the Recession is over, but you’re still feeling the squeeze. Sometimes, you have to raise your prices to cover your increased costs, but your customers feel the squeeze because of that, too.

You may feel like you need to find the lowest price and use that as your determining factor, and if the financial situation is really that dire you may need to consider doing just that.

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Your provider should be able to provide you a competitive price no matter what your quantity is. Granted, smaller quantities will cost you more – that’s the case in any industry. The reason is because the mold charge is split into the per-piece charge of your order, so you’re splitting up the same mold charge over a smaller quantity.

If you’re running a smaller business with a need for smaller quantities, you’re going to feel the pain of this more than larger companies buying millions of pieces at a time. It’s a growing pain and it’s possible, as your supplier Rez-Tech can help you figure out a way to leverage your dollars in the most profitable way.
1. What are your minimum order requirements? (If you’re ordering smaller quantities, you may run into an issue with order minimums.)

2. At what quantities do I get price breaks? (You may be able to justify ordering 500 extra pieces if it will save you enough money.)

3. What payment plans do you offer? (Some companies will offer a Net 30 or even a monthly installment plan to help you purchase your product. You’ll never find out if you don’t ask!)

At Rez-Tech, we don’t have the lowest prices , we have the Best value. There are companies out there that are willing to run your projects for less, and if you decide they’re the company for you, you you MIGHT save some money, maybe not (good luck).   However, be warned: you run the risk of lowered service or product quality when you shop by price. Rez-Tech’s pricing isn’t the lowest; but our service and product quality reflect that and YOU profit far greater.

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