Would you like to save money, time, aggravation on packaging cost?  Are you “listening” to your customers' wants? If not, Rez-Tech and The Jar Man are!  Are you tired of getting the run around, no answers and voice mail from your packaging suppliers? 


Rez-Tech’s Plastic Jar Division was established  28 years ago and  develops hard to manufacturer plastic  jars and bottles.  Started as a family business, we grew up in this business and continue on today with two mfg plants rapidly expanding into eco-green PET wide mouth jars.  We have concentrated on wide mouth PET jars in the sizes of 16 fld oz. to 3 gallons.


We provide some distinct advantages that differentiate us:


  • Speedy and Efficient - Our system of stock mold processing, low minimums means testing is just a phone call, 1-800-673-5277 or web site, http://www.rez-tech.com away.
  • “Art to Cart” Client REALization Process - To get you to market. We follow through! Most companies stop once the product is made.  The Jar Man figures out the best tested methods to get into your customer’s CART.
  • Sustainable and Cost effective - We help create the best of all worlds.  FDA clear PET and FDA PVC plastics.


Need Jars?  Call 1-800-673-5277 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or go to http://www.rez-tech.com for more details.

Jar Bar: Belly Up, What's Your Flavor? Click on image to enlarge view.

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