Do you want to reduce your packaging materials and jar bottle storage?  Have you been frustrated waiting for the packaging big boys to call you back?  We are confident that Rez-Tech Corp., Plastic Jar Division can help you.


Our success is largely based upon our leadership in the following:


  • Lower your costs through distributed manufacturing when combined with Rez-Tech’s custom specialty design jar molder, performs, storage and shipping space.
  • “ART to CART” - Your jar design is not done until your satisfaction is won!
  • Triple Treat Guarantee: Rez-Tech and the Jar Man will lock in your price. We guarantee our fastest and best delivery date and your quality packaging will be better than you expected.


We specialize in Wide Mouth Clear Jars.  Rez-Tech has custom solutions with 143 designs and sizes, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.  Our custom designed machines have cut costs tremendously. We manufacture PET jars with quicker turnaround to speed time to market.  New designs take 4-5 weeks as compared to the industry average of 16 weeks. Stock jars are available within 2-3 weeks.


Need Jars?  Call 1-800-673-5277 or email us at mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.


Jar Bar: Belly Up, What's Your Flavor? Click on image to enlarge view.

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    Handleware Jars 

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     Big Plastic Barrels

From Plastic Jars and Containers Mfg Rez-Tech and the Jar Man

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